Trilogy Saddle Fitting Client

"Just wanted to tell you, went on a crazy ride today and when Bentley dropped and spun, I stayed perfectly fine, minus one stirrup, in my seat! Happiness = Trilogy saddle!!"



Trilogy Saddle Fitting Client

"Susie got to ride in it. She did not expect to love it, but she does. What an amazing difference for me with a titanium knee👍 Thank you💋 I told them how pleased I am with you & how you don’t settle for anything less than perfect👍


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Training Client

"I always come away from my lessons with a new tool to make myself and my mare better. Angie has done wonders with Laney in progressing her training, helping her focus on her work, and really bringing out the athlete in her.

Angie has also worked really well with my yearling. We were having major problems standing still for the farrier. In a short amount of time, she had him lungeing calmly and standing quietly for the farrier. I feel like I now have the tools to continue his training in the correct way." 



Training Client

Just want to say how thankful I am that you are working with me! I feel truly blessed to have your help as I have already learned so much in two lessons! I took what you did with King and practived exactly with Amado yesterday afternoon and what a difference in the little guy too! Definite less is more approach!"


Training Client

"Angie has brought out the best in my horse. She’s given him confidence and the ability to enjoy his job. She has turned him from a frightened and unsure horse into a horse that won a CDS San Diego Circuit Award. She makes it easy to ride and enjoy my horse as a competent and willing dressage horse and on the ground around the barn. She’s not just a good dressage trainer but works with each horse as an individual to bring out his best effort and attitude."


Horse Trainer

"I am a professional horse trainer and believe in improving myself. I chose to take lessons with Angie because of her ability to relate to the rider as well as the horse. She has always been able to explain the movement of the horse as well as the riders position to gain ultimate control. While working with Angie I have been able to truly understand the mechanics of each horse I work with, understanding that each animal is different in movement and personality."


Training Client

"Angie is an extraordinary trainer and coach!  During every session she is able to distill her knowledge and provide insight into the art of riding.  She coaches the best from every rider, increasing their confidence and her ability to articulate the bio-mechanics of riding is exceptional."