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About Angie



  • 35 years training, instructing, and competing in dressage 

  • Skilled in Training Level thru FEI  

  • Winner of several local and regional championships

  • Five years as a working student with Olympian Steffen Peters

  • 3rd Level Freestyle High Score-83%

  • Past Board Chair for the California Dressage Society San Diego chapter





  • Steffen Peters

  • Rebecca Rigdon-Blake

  • Janet Peters

  • Michael Etherly

  • Christine Traurig

  • Dietrich Von Hopftgarten

  • Liz Hopps McConnell

  • Jill Beltran

  • Elizabeth Johnson


During her career as a dressage trainer, Angie has made it a priority to develop a bond with each and every horse she trains. Through patience and kindness Angie will educate your horse to the true meaning of the aids. From young horses that are just beginning their training to the skilled schoolmasters of tomorrow, Angie takes time to work diligently with each horse, making it the best it can be.  

Angie has set herself apart by taking a studied approach to riding both on and off the horse.  Her in-depth understanding of the biomechanics of the horse and the impact that training has on both horse and rider is demonstrated by immediate and positive changes in the horses and riders she trains.  



Angie is unique in her ability to effectively articulate the biomechanics of riding in a way that is easily understood and meaningful to her students.  She is able to quickly pinpoint issues, explain why and how they block the aids, and then show her students exactly how to make corrections.  All her students demonstrate immediate new found awareness and understanding of how to use their body and the aids to be effective in a subtle and harmonious way with their horse.

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As a faculty member at Horse Courses Online, Angie is able to develop the horse trainers of tomorrow.  From dressage basics to equine symposiums to international competition, Angie has instructed the more than 4,000 students that are earning their BAs, AAs, and Certificates of Achievement in equine studies online. 

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