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Training & Lessons

Angie Taylor Dressage offer dressage training for adult amateur riders looking for a fun supportive environment to learn.  Angie can accommodate current horse owners as well as those just returning to the sport.
Client space is limited. Please contact Angie for availability.   


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Full Service Training


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Private Lesson

on Your Horse

Mobile lessons available: $100

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Video Lesson


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Video Lessons


Success is achieved when a horse is given the opportunity to learn. Angie Taylor Dressage horses progress according to their own individual learning curve and ability.  

Training focuses on self-carriage, response to light subtle aids, and muscle development, allowing the horse time to understand what is being asked of him, and progress up the levels naturally.

Your horse is treated as a respected partner and an athlete with attention to his needs being met daily.


Angie specializes in working with adult amateurs that have some knowledge of dressage basics.  Whether you're ready to compete in shows, just want to learn more about the discipline, or are returning to the sport after time off, Angie will approach your lessons with understanding, encouragement, and the skill-set to get you where you want to be.  


She can also assist you in the purchase or lease of your next horse.  Angie has the expertise to start your new horse correctly from the beginning and progress through the FEI levels.  Owners have the opportunity to be involved with their horse throughout the training process. And, most importantly, she will help you establish a confident, trusting relationship with your new partner. 


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